How Radio Shack lost their buyer focus and their business

Radio Shack logoI was saddened by Radio Shack’s recent bankruptcy filing. Its convenient stores and helpful staff are easy to find in any city I’m visiting. There is even a store in the tiny community where I live.

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Orbitz Reveals Too Much About Mac Buyer Persona

I’m frequently asked for examples of buyer personas, but my clients never allow me to share their findings publicly. That's because the insights they discover about their buyers are non-obvious and therefore the source of significant competitive advantage.

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Should marketing report to sales? Aaack to that!

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) thinks it knows how to solve the problems with sales and marketing alignment. According to a just-released report, within 10 years, marketing will report directly to sales.

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Nothing useful about these buyer personas

The product marketer I was coaching said he knew his buyer persona -- that her top pain points were reducing costs, improving operations, and controlling risks.

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Personas tell their story, but to whom

The core message and URL for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) campaign are right on target, but IMHO Microsoft missed a step (or two) when they built the content at

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Buyers can't find our best solutions

I love it when I find a simple answer to my problem.

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The customer ownership debate rages on

There are few topics as fraught with passion and controversy as the debate over who "owns" particular roles and responsibilities. In fact, this is among the most frequently asked questions during the Effective Product Marketing seminar, perhaps because no role is more ambiguous than marketing. While many factors contribute to the confusion, the matter of customer "ownership" is near the top of the list.

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Checklist marketing is such a waste

While scanning the latest issue of Dwell Magazine this morning I saw an interesting CaesarStone sink that might work in our new bathroom. So I went to the advertised web page to find the "all-new Embellish collection". Nothing. I saw the CaeserStone in a store last week and they didn't have this new kind. I really want more info. Hmmm. If it's "all new" maybe there's something in the "Latest News" tab. Nope. So I click on the "Products" tab. Still nothing about Embellish. I see that there's a toll-free number in the ad, but it's the weekend and tomorrow I've got other things to do.

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Targeting the raised-by-apes persona

Websites are popping up to teach basic skills that I was sure everyone learned from Mom. I'm obviously wrong, because several very popular new sites are delivering videos on subjects like how to brush your teeth or use the shower. Wait, don't rush to click through, the instructor for the shower video is the fully-clothed 79-year-old man who started the site, VideoJug, when he couldn't remember how to change a flat tire. But don't dismiss him as some crazy old coot either. How to fold a t-shirt in two seconds has been viewed 76,000 times.

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