Marketers need to find a premium-price position for mature products

James’ email question was logical – “This is a solution that hasn’t changed much in years, and the market is really mature. So we know a lot about how our buyers think. Is there a simplified way to make sure that our messaging is on target?”

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Buyer Persona Insights Float the Winning Boat

“No honey, we are not going to buy a new boat.” That’s what the fisherman’s wife said when her husband revealed his great idea.

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A new year, a new decade, a new chance to help buyers find answers to their problems

Judging by the current interest in buyer personas, 2010 could be the decade when companies realize the competitive advantage that belongs to those companies that have the deepest insight into their target buyers.

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Bloggers miss the point of buyer personas

The most important component of buyer personas is missing from much of the discussion I'm seeing in whitepapers and blogs. Personas can't make a credible impact on sales and marketing strategies if their description is limited to information about demographics and pain points.

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Buyers can't find our best solutions

I love it when I find a simple answer to my problem.

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When sales people don't pursue good leads

I generally don’t write about leads. But ON24 asked me to deliver a talk on “Getting Sales to Love Your Leads” in a webcast yesterday, and I thought you might want to know about the archived version. The webinar is not about generating leads or managing their quality – ON24 had already hosted a number of speakers on that topic, and frankly, most marketers devote so much energy in that area that they miss the critical next step. The question I was asked to address -- what can we do when we have generated really good leads and the sales people won't follow up?

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Personas generate some controversy

There’s an interesting discussion going on in the blogosphere about the merits of personas. In late January the Cranky PMdid a rant about the “crap detail” in personas, complaining that they don’t “include the facts that really matter.” A few days later, Saeed Khan jumped into the fray with a post at On Product Management. Like the Cranky PM, Saeed expressed disdain for the prevalence of so much useless, irrelevant information.

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Sales people say every buyer is unique

One of the seven ways I start to build buyer personas is to talk to the company's salespeople. For starters, sales has some insight into which roles will influence the buying decision. Further, the really good reps know quite a bit about the criteria the various influencers use to make a decision. Veteran sales people have discovered that visibility into each of their buyer’s perceptions, success metrics and resistance points could result in a winning account strategy. Gathering this information can kick-start my project.

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Meeting very interesting people

People sometimes ask me why I have a blog. What possible value does anyone get from sitting at a computer, writing down their thoughts, and publishing them on the Internet? Like the people who ask me this question, I don't have the kind of readers that advertisers are lining up to reach, so we can't expect our blogs to generate revenue. And it takes time, doesn't it?  (The answer is yes.) Who has time to spend on stuff that doesn't impact revenue?

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Stop selling and listen!

“We’ve been focusing on selling and just shooting ourselves in the foot.” That’s an exact quote from my phone meeting with Dave this morning. He and I have been working on a project to identify the most receptive market segments and buyer personas for his product. Here’s more of what he told me . . .

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