Marketing lessons from 'the other' Adele

Watching the Grammys last week, I was captivated by the acclaim for Adele, who dominated the night with six awards, including best song, best record and best album.

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Bad news or good news? You decide.

A recent engagement started with a familiar problem – the client wanted a single value proposition for a proposed suite of solutions that includes four existing products. The messaging would drive the development of their content marketing assets and help the sales people cross-sell the underlying products.

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Need leads? Target your buyers based on their view of the problem

Marketers who find it frustrating to source qualified leads might be surprised to learn that buyers are equally frustrated about sourcing qualified solutions. Assuming you’re marketing a product that solves a pervasive problem (a topic for another post), there is no shortage of buyers who are currently looking for your solution – provided that it matches that buyer’s specific definition of the problem.

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For Short Messages, Be Specific About Value

Am I the only one who has noticed that the typical short (<25 word) marketing statement communicates almost nothing of value?

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