Top 10 Things the B2B Buyer Persona is Saying About Your (Content) Marketing

Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen David Letterman do this one, so I want to tell you what B2B buyers tell us about marketing's influence on their decisions. Note that every one of these statements comes from real interviews with actual buyers. After all, we don’t believe in making stuff up about buyer personas.

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B2B marketers won this complex sale

I’ve always suspected that B2C marketers got far more respect than those of us in the B2B world.  While well-marketed B2C products seemed to sell themselves, the sheer complexity of matching B2B products to a particular buyer’s needs appeared to position Sales as the permanent source of meaningful revenue results.

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Unexpected but clear -- How we developed our own persona-focused message

I spent the last few months eating my own dog food – relying on buyer personas to develop the messaging for Buyer Persona Institute and its new workshops. I worked with an incredible team and we are pleased with our core message -- At Buyer Persona Institute, our sole aim is to give your buyers the voice to say: "Here's what really matters to me: please deliver."

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Announcing Buyer Persona Institute . . . and two new workshops

The business I'm launching today has been on my mind for more than a decade -- ever since an attendee at the seminar I developed for Pragmatic Marketing said that buyer personas were the best part and asked me "what's next?"

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