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For Breakthrough Results, Demand Authentic B2B Personas

We are shocked to hear anyone say that buyer personas are fictional. Why would anyone rely on fiction for important decisions?

And although simple approaches are always appealing, please be clear that there is no ROI when you download buyer persona templates from the Internet and fill in the blanks. Templates only organize your existing perceptions, or even more dangerously, your company’s assumptions and wishful thinking. 

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How Are Your Buyers Reacting to COVID-19?


Our thoughts, plus a plan to help you hear directly from your buyers—

Searching for a way to think about how COVID-19 is affecting marketing, I turned to one of my favorite books – Thinking, Fast and Slow by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman. Although Kahneman is a psychologist, he won his Nobel for his breakthrough work in economics. If you’re surprised that psychology and economics are interrelated, I assure you that we see that connection in every buying decision we study.

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2020 Success: Build Marketing Around The Buyers' Needs, Not Yours


The close of 2019 and dawning of 2020 marks several important events, in addition of course to the holidays. Tis the season to be insightful, as the business world launches its annual rite of strategic marketing planning. Deck the boardrooms with white boards and sticky notes! Gotta get that new marketing plan in place and blasted out to the team to start the New Year with a bang.

And everyone will rally behind this brilliantly conceived plan, leveraging its insights and directives as catalysts for driving sales and profits to new heights. Right?

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Be An Experience Disrupter! Don’t Go On A Fool’s Errand Trying To Personalize Every Buyer


HubSpot CEO and founder Brian Halligan informed and entertained a packed house during his keynote at the recent Inbound 2019 conference. His theme was familiar, and one with which I fully concur: ‘How you sell is how you win.’

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Why Marketers Struggle to Reach Buyers Early in their Journey

What is the pain that shoves your buyers off the fence, and gets them looking for a solution like yours?

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The Problem With Buyer Persona Survey Questions

I’m always reading what other people have to say about buyer personas, looking for new ideas and successful outcomes, but I keep coming across marketers making the same tremendous mistakes again and again: trying to find insight where there is none.

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How Many Buyer Personas Does Your B2B Company Really Need?

Marketing strategies constantly evolve around fresh ideas and new tactics. Done correctly, buyer personas serve as guardrails to keep you from veering off track.

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Market Research Mistakes Your Company Should Watch Out For

Do the best marketing strategies come from market research or buyer persona research?

It’s not a trick question—these are completely different approaches, although many marketers get them confused.

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A Story About a Boat Explains Why Buyer Persona Insights Aren’t Obvious

“I have an appointment with a sales person tomorrow.” We were having a leisurely breakfast at our favorite café, and yet my husband’s tone was tortured, almost as if the subject was an upcoming root canal. “I can’t help it,” he said dismally. “I’ve gone as far as I can without talking to their sales guy.”

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Marketing Plans Should Start with the Buyer’s Needs - Not Yours

I can’t blame marketers for avoiding the development of marketing plans, launch plans or any other version of a strategic plan. This apparently reasonable request usually requires countless hours of writing and revisions, only to be filed away in some dusty online folder.

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