Does Marketing Matter? Buyer Personas are Rewriting the Rules About ROI

For nearly a dDoes Marketing Matterecade, I developed and led a marketing workshop for Pragmatic Marketing, the leader in training courses for B2B product managers and marketers.  I wrote this article for the Fall issue of Pragmatic Marketer Magazine, released yesterday in celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary.

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6 Reasons to Start Using Buyer Personas Now

It's been seven years since I started The Buyer Persona Blog, and I am pleased to publish our very first guest post. I hope you enjoy these recommendations from Irakli Beselidze, CEO of Premier SV in Russia, presenter of Marketing Guru TV show, and now a Certified Practitioner of Buyer Persona Institute.

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Topics: B2B, buyer persona, Buyer Personas, Good Use of Personas, Market Research, market research, marketing strategy

2 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Your Need for Buyer Persona Insights

BattleIn the last month, I had a chance to deliver sessions about insightful buyer personas at two of my favorite conferences, Content Marketing World and Marketing Profs’ B2B Marketing Forum.

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