Sales people say every buyer is unique

One of the seven ways I start to build buyer personas is to talk to the company's salespeople. For starters, sales has some insight into which roles will influence the buying decision. Further, the really good reps know quite a bit about the criteria the various influencers use to make a decision. Veteran sales people have discovered that visibility into each of their buyer’s perceptions, success metrics and resistance points could result in a winning account strategy. Gathering this information can kick-start my project.

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Meeting very interesting people

People sometimes ask me why I have a blog. What possible value does anyone get from sitting at a computer, writing down their thoughts, and publishing them on the Internet? Like the people who ask me this question, I don't have the kind of readers that advertisers are lining up to reach, so we can't expect our blogs to generate revenue. And it takes time, doesn't it?  (The answer is yes.) Who has time to spend on stuff that doesn't impact revenue?

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Meatball Sundae, Anyone?

After three weeks away from my real job (it was great), I needed a quick way to grab some inspiration and get my head into the game again. So I was happy to sit in on a Marketing Profs seminar by one of my favorite marketing gurus, author Seth Godin. He was speaking about his latest book, Meatball Sundae. I’m never disappointed when I hear Seth speak. Even though he’s a B2C guy and I spend most of my time with B2B companies, he is engaging and thought provoking, and I always take away a few ideas that are entirely relevant.

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