Targeted messaging, segmentation, and personas

Marketers who are concerned about messaging and segmentation need to think about how the best sales people operate. Top performers succeed because they focus on a target audience and listen before speaking.  This is easier for sales than for marketers, as account reps enjoy a “market of one” on each call. But this goal is behind the decision to do market segmentation at all – marketers need a way to develop a strategy and message that will cause a market full of buyers to see our product, service or solution as an exact fit for their needs.

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It's time to break the rules

I just read David Meerman Scott's post about the reaction he's getting to the ideas in his terrific new book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR. This started me thinking aboutChris, the product marketing persona that I wrote about last week. I wonder whether Chris is the kind of guy who will be interested in following new rules.

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Topics: Buyer Personas, Market Research, Product Marketing Redefined


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