Blogging for buyer persona input

Kudos to Tim Buntel at Adobe for a series of blog posts about the buyer personas he needs to influence. After attending the Effective Product Marketing seminar, he developed a persona for a developer he named Chris and posted a description of the guy on his blog, Not Too Fluffy (love the Teddy Bear, Tim). The first of dozens of comments said that the post was "creepy" in its accuracy. More people chimed in with comments to confirm and build on Tim's original thesis. Tim's added a couple of new posts in the last few days to keep the conversation going and gain more input. This is a great example of leveraging the blogosphere to develop persona insights and engage buyers in a favorite pastime -- talking about themselves.

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Choose words carefully to reach personas

I spend a lot of time trying to convince people that a marketer's primary job is to develop buyer personas and think like the customer. Why is this so hard? Because personas are not included in anyone's job description. Nope, marketing is measured by how much stuff it produces and so that's what it does - developing endless data sheets, demos and presentations that talk about the product. Inevitably this manic activity misses the point -- that marketing is meant to motivate a buying influencer to take the next step in the decision process, and that we can't motivate people we don't know.

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The customer ownership debate rages on

There are few topics as fraught with passion and controversy as the debate over who "owns" particular roles and responsibilities. In fact, this is among the most frequently asked questions during the Effective Product Marketing seminar, perhaps because no role is more ambiguous than marketing. While many factors contribute to the confusion, the matter of customer "ownership" is near the top of the list.

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Seeking a market-driven employer

The beginning of a new year often inspires people to make big changes, and thus my email box is filling up with inquiries from marketers looking for new and better jobs. The key question -- how to find a company whose management is serious about being market-driven and thinking like the customer?

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