Resolutions for a prosperous 2007

I wish you a new year filled with joy, prosperity, and successful marketing initiatives. For those who want a roadmap, here are the ten rules from the Effective Product Marketing seminar restated in the form of resolutions. Perhaps one or more of these will inspire you.

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A great gift idea for sales people

Only two shopping days until Christmas . . . in case you're feverishly trying to find the perfect gift for those hard-to-please sales people in your company, Kristin Zhivago has the answer in her blog today  . . . free shipping is still available.

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YOU are TIME Magazine's Person of the Year

Did you hear that TIME Magazine just named YOU its Person of the Year? Yessiree, after much consideration, TIME decided that YOU were "more influential this year, for good or ill," than anyone else in the whole world, including such auspicious nominees as George W. Bush, Kim Jong II, and Hugo Chavez. Are you surprised to learn that YOU contributed as much to the outcome of 2006 as did past recipients Charles Lindbergh, Pope John Paul II or Rudy Giuliani in 1927, 1994 and 2001, respectively?

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Do you really want progress?

Progress is supposed to be a good thing, but have you noticed that people have a built-in resistance to any opportunity that requires change? I just saw a story about a TV network that gave a homeless man $100,000 and within a year he was penniless again. They intentionally chose someone who wasn't insane or addicted to drugs and alcohol, and for a while he did get an apartment, buy a truck, and live almost like a normal person. I say "almost normal" because he refused three job offers and found it more comfortable to sleep on the floor than his bed. There are a lot of aspects to this sad story, but it struck me that resistance to change is built into people's very DNA, even when the opportunity is overwhelming positive. Could it be, then, that the ability to recognize progress and embrace change is the hallmark of successful companies and people?

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