In search of market-driven companies

I just read a great post from Sarah Nielsen at Buzzmetrics about a recent presentation by the Chief Marketing Officer of Virgin Mobile, USA. I didn't hear the presentation, but Sarah recaps it in detail, including facts about the teenage persona the company targeted when it entered the already-crowded U.S. cell phone market a few years ago. But the best part is that this huge, wildly successful company attributes their success to "thinking like the customer". They know their product is a commodity so they don't market the product. They identify their target market's priorities, understand how they relate to new ideas and information, and deliver their relevant message where the kids are.

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Targeting the raised-by-apes persona

Websites are popping up to teach basic skills that I was sure everyone learned from Mom. I'm obviously wrong, because several very popular new sites are delivering videos on subjects like how to brush your teeth or use the shower. Wait, don't rush to click through, the instructor for the shower video is the fully-clothed 79-year-old man who started the site, VideoJug, when he couldn't remember how to change a flat tire. But don't dismiss him as some crazy old coot either. How to fold a t-shirt in two seconds has been viewed 76,000 times.

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It's risky to sell marketing short

Let's face it. Everyone loves to poke fun at marketers. And that's OK, we're pretty tough, we can take it. But this morning I read a post from software developer Erik Sink that features fictional marketers Daisy and Goofy (yeah, you get it) at a planning meeting for a new product launch. Erik has good points about targeting markets, but his portrayal of marketing people inspired this post about one of my favorite topics; how tech companies underestimate the role of product marketing, and why its costing them a lot of business.

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The problem with great products

Marketers often lament the missing features in their products, telling me about the absence of some capability that they are convinced is absolutely necessary. I always wonder where they are getting their information.

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