Deloitte Case Study is a Powerful Endorsement for Buyer Personas

One of the hardest parts of bringing our Buyer Persona model into practice actually comes after the project is completed.

We’ve accomplished so much with the client, working with them to build clear, actionable buyer personas, and the results are spectacular. We just can’t share them with anybody.

Needless to say, marketing departments like to keep their successes close to the vest to make sure that their competitors don’t hop on board. There’s nothing I’d like more than to trumpet from the rooftops how Client X or Client Y improved their marketing content or sales results using the 5 Rings of Buying Insight™, but iron-clad NDAs keep my mouth shut tight.

However, sometimes clients are so excited that they just can’t help talking.

Buyer Persona Masterclass alumni Samuel Williams, with his firm Aamplify, was contracted by Deloitte Private, the division of Deloitte Consulting that specializes in families and small businesses, to develop a marketing plan.

The firm started by interviewing people who had recently evaluated solutions like theirs, modeling the buyers’ decision to uncover clear, factual insights about how they compared Deloitte to its competitors.

When Deloitte saw the details that these personas revealed, it was easy to identify the targeted messaging and marketing content that would persuade their buyers to choose them. And it was simple to help the sales teams see how to tell those same powerful stories to their customers.

Don’t take my word for it – watch this video from Deloitte head of marketing and communications Cassandra Worrall about the whole process.

Strong stuff, right? Here’s a more in-depth case study from Aamplify with even more data.

One of the key takeaways from their buyer persona research was that buyers had three key motivations for coming to Deloitte:

1. Help leveraging global business development opportunities

2. Heavy lifting to help solve specific challenges

3. Technology solutions to improve business processes

Armed with these insights, Deloitte Private pushed that messaging front and center to their home page, giving their digital strategy a powerful, clear call to action.

The best way to judge the power of a marketing campaign is by real-world results, and Deloitte got them. Using the tools and interviewing skills they acquired by attending the Buyer Persona Masterclass, Aamplify gave their client exactly what they needed to connect with buyers without the guesswork.

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