Top 10 Things the B2B Buyer Persona is Saying About Your (Content) Marketing

Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen David Letterman do this one, so I want to tell you what B2B buyers tell us about marketing's influence on their decisions. Note that every one of these statements comes from real interviews with actual buyers. After all, we don’t believe in making stuff up about buyer personas.

#10.  I’m under a lot of pressure to address high-priority initiatives and don’t want to hear about other problems that you think I should take on. I just don't have the bandwidth.

#9.   Your website has all the same useless information as your competitor's does. So no, I didn’t spend much time there.

#8.   I’ve done my research and know about many of the things that I must have to succeed. I want to know whether you can deliver on those before I go any further.

#7.   Yes, I have a budget and the authority to buy, but I’m not going to tell you that. I’ll decide when I’m ready to talk to a sales person.

#6.   I’m seeing a lot of obvious stuff about value, but nothing that speaks to the way we plan to measure the success of this initiative.

#5.   I can’t make this decision without persuading other stakeholders. I need to see something that helps me handle their concerns and priorities too.

#4.   I will lose my job if I choose the wrong solution. I need to be convinced that you can address my specific concerns about this decision.

#3.   I’m testing your company to see if you fully understand my needs in this area and will be responsive if I do buy from you.

#2.   We won’t choose the least expensive solution; we’ll select the one that is the best match for our needs.

And the #1 thing I want you to know:   This decision is actually not about price or features. We’ll go with the company that we believe we can trust.

Have you heard these before? It's easy to see why companies that best address these buyer concerns have a major competitive advantage in this buyer-driven market.

Marketers are learning that they can listen to their buyers, and we mean REALLY listen, to gain the insights that drive the content those buyers want and need. They're discovering that this level of listening can't be done through a survey or social media, that marketers need to have a unique kind of conversation with recent buyers, probing beyond the obvious answers until they know precisely how, when and why buyers choose the solutions they market.

These marketers are building buyer personas that focus on the Five Rings of Insight about the buying decision, avoiding the simple demographic profiles that can result in too many personas or not enough useful information about them.

Do your buyer personas reveal the insights you need to address these top 10 concerns? I love to hear from marketers who have truly insightful buyer personas.

If your buyer personas are missing some of this critical information, take a minute to check out the Buyer Persona Masterclass, the prerecorded training that shows you how you can become your company’s buyer expert. Or contact us to learn how you can schedule a private workshop for your team of four or more marketers.

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