Premier episode of Mad Marketing TV is about Buyer Personas!

At noon Eastern time today, a new web TV channel focused exclusively on practical content for marketers is going live with its first weekly episode.

Now here’s the best part – in the inaugural interview, Jeff Ogden, host of MadMarketing TV and author of the Fearless Competitor blog, talks to me about buyer personas!

Jeff asked me to address four questions:

  • Why buyer personas are getting so much attention
  • What is a buyer persona
  • How to use buyer personas
  • When marketers should begin a buyer persona initiative

We're hoping that people will get useful ideas from this roughly ten-minute overview on my favorite topic. Please check it out on You Tube and let me know what you think.

Jeff asked me back for Episode 2 to talk about how to avoid the four most common mistakes with buyer personas.  He's got a whole new format planned so it should be really interesting.

The show will normally air every Thursday, but they’re skipping a week due to Thanksgiving. That means that Episode 2 will air on Thursday, December 1.

Please give me your thoughts on the first interview. Plus let me know if there’s a hot “mistake” that you want me to cover in the second interview.

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