Resolutions for a prosperous 2007

I wish you a new year filled with joy, prosperity, and successful marketing initiatives. For those who want a roadmap, here are the ten rules from the Effective Product Marketing seminar restated in the form of resolutions. Perhaps one or more of these will inspire you.

1.    I will never confuse efforts with results.
2.    I will know who I am talking to before I attempt to communicate.
3.    I will create marketing tools and programs that influence a targeted buyer or customer persona.
4.    I will not confuse product positioning with program messaging and strategy.
5.    I will develop support for my go-to-market plans by giving management a business case for their investment.
6.    I will develop web content and collateral that drives buyers into and through the sales process.
7.    I will write benefits statements that are succinct answers to a buyer's problems.
8.    I will give the salespeople clear insights into each persona's priorities, supported by persona-specific messages and tools.
9.    I will integrate product-oriented programs into a single strategic campaign for each type of persona I need to influence.
10.  I will avoid the checklist marketing trap by doing the Gather, Focus, Assess, Measure and Improve steps.

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